Friday, May 8, 2009

A Few of My Latest Custom Creations

If you love GLITZ...these high quality 100% Swarovski Diamond bows are for you!! :)
Special Occasion Pink Custom Bow

Custom School Pictures Bow

Made to match a Custom White Summer Time Dress

And for MY DAUGHTER, who saw this "Pretty Princess" ribbon when we were shopping for a customer and wanted me to make her a "Big Princess Bow"!!!


Andrea Gunnell said...

Looking at your bows makes me want to have a little girl! Good job, they are beautiful and fun!

Ashley Elizabeth said...

Ohmigosh! These bows are gorgeous! You are so talented, seriously! Thanks for sharing the blog. You should be proud of showing it off! I love looking at crafty blogs too, and you are right there with them! Good job!!
I love the head band with the three roses! Can you make Mommy bows too? I love looking at headbands on etsy! I would totally buy yours!!